• African Music, volume 13 (3) now available

    African Music, Volume 10 (3), is now available. The content of the journal is as follows: ‘In a world of their own: Memory and Identity in the Fishing Songs of a Migrant Ewe community in Ghana, by Eric Debrah Otchere, ‘Yet none with truer fervour sing’: Coronation Song and the (De)colonization of African Choral Composition, by Christine Lucia, Approaches to the Adaptation of Shona Ngoma styles in Zimbabwean Popular Music by Vimbai Chamisa, Meter, Feel and Phrasing in West African Bell Patterns: The example of Asante Kete from Ghana by Ben Paulding, Guided Syncretism: Repackaging Badagry-Ogu Music in the Context of Lagos’ Postcolonial Modernity by Joseph Kunnuji, The Buzz Aesthetic and Mande Music: Acoustic Masks and the Technology of Enchantment by Merlyn Driver, Knowledge Transfer: Indigenous African Music in the South African Music Curriculum by Mandy Carver, “Creative Ethnomusicology” and African Art Music: A close musical reading of Wood and Clay, Kundi Dreams and Umrhube Geeste by Anthony Caplan, by Jeffrey Brukman. Read more about African Music, volume 13 (3) now available