The Nyanga/Ngororombe Panpipe Dance: 1.Thunga la ngororombe - the panpipe dance group of Sakha Bulaundi

  • Moya Aliya Malamusi Singano Village, Chileka, Blantyre


I first met Sakha Bulaundi, leader of a ngororombe dance group on September 15, 1990 at Jonathani village, T.A. Mulauli, Mwanza District, Malawi, during my field-work in that area. I have been in contact with him and the five members of his group ever since that date and recorded them repeatedly. This work was part of a larger project of field research on music and oral literature which I carried out from July 9 to October 15,1990, from February 11 to April 11,1992, and from July 11 to August 11,1992, with the financial assistance of the Auswartiges Amt of the Federal Republic of Germany.


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