Folklore activities of the Musep do Dundo

  • Julio de Vilhena Administrador-Director of the Companhia de Diamantes de Angola.
Keywords: Museu do Dundo (Angola), Ethnomusicology -- Angola, Musical instruments -- Angola


The Dundo Museum (Lunda) of the Angola Diamond Company is continuing, through its musical section, the defence of the traditional folklore of the native populations of the district in which it develops its mining exploitations, and of the surrounding areas. As is known, the Museum is situated at the headquarters of the mining field, the town of Dundo on the River Luachimo, an important tributary of the Cassai. Speaking generally, it may be said that this activity has two forms: the first, or direct, consists in the action of the Museum on the folklore of the inhabitants of a large area around Dundo, which is the most populous of the district; the second, in the systematic collection of musical pieces in regions situated far away, where direct action is materially impossible.
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