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Chilivumbo, A.B., University of Malawi
Chislett, W.A.
Clausen, Raymond
Cooke, Andrew
Cooke, Peter, University of Edinburgh
Cooke, Peter
Cope, Trevor, Department of Bantu Studies, Natal University
Coplan, David, State University of New York, N.Y.
Coplan, David B., St. Theresa Seminary, Roma, Basutoland
Coplan, David B., University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa)


Daniélou, Alain, Director and founder of the International Institute for Comparative Music Studies and Documentation, Berlin
Dargie, Dave, University of Fort Hare, Alice
Dargie, Dave, Fort Hare University
Dargie, Dave, University of Fort Hare
Dargie, David, University of Fort Hare, Alice
Darkwa, Asante, Institute of African Studies, University of Nairobi
Dauer, A. M.
Davidson, Marjorie, Chalimbana Training College, Lusaka, Northern Rhodesia
Davidson, Marjory, Chalimbana Training College, Lusaka (Northern Rhodesia)
Davidson, Marjory, Lecturer in Music for the Department of Education, Chipata (Zambia)
Davidson, Marjory, Starehe Boys' Centre (Kenya)
Davis, David C., Dept. of History, Millsaps College, Mississippi
De Oliveira Pinto, Tiago
de Troch, Daniel, l’Université de Louvain, Musée Royal de l’Afrique Centrale
de Troch, Daniel

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