African Music; Ethnomusicology

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DaniƩlou, Alain, Director and founder of the International Institute for Comparative Music Studies and Documentation, Berlin (Germany)
Dargie, Dave, University of Fort Hare, Alice (South Africa)
Dargie, Dave, University of Fort Hare (South Africa)
Dargie, Dave, Fort Hare University (South Africa)
Dargie, David, University of Fort Hare, Alice (South Africa)
Darkwa, Asante, Institute of African Studies, University of Nairobi (Kenya)
Dauer, A. M.
Davidson, Marjorie, Chalimbana Training College, Lusaka, Northern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)
Davidson, Marjory, Chalimbana Training College, Lusaka (Northern Rhodesia) (Zimbabwe)
Davidson, Marjory, Starehe Boys' Centre (Kenya)
Davidson, Marjory, Lecturer in Music for the Department of Education, Chipata (Zambia)
Davis, David C., Dept. of History, Millsaps College, Mississippi (United States)
De Oliveira Pinto, Tiago (Brazil)
de Troch, Daniel (Belgium)
de Troch, Daniel, (Belgium)
de Vilhena, Julio, Administrador-Director of the Companhia de Diamantes de Angola. (Angola)
Dey, E.
Djenda, Maurice
Dor, George, Senior Lecturer in Music at the University of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania, United Republic of)
Dor, George Worlasi Kwasi, University of Mississippi (United States)
Driver, Merlyn ()
Durojaye, Cecilia, University of Cape Town (South Africa)
Dywili, Nongangekho

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