African Music; Ethnomusicology

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Gansemans, Jos
Garfias, Robert
Gbeho, Philip, University College of the Gold Coast, Achimota (Ghana)
Gilbert, Dorothy R., Medical missionary in the Belgian Congo (Congo)
Gimenez, Luis, Rhodes University (South Africa)
Gimenez Amoros, Luis, Rhodes University (South Africa)
Giorgetti, Filiberto, Catholic Missionary of the Missioni Africanc, Cavallino, Lecce (Italy)
Glasser, Stanley (United States)
Goddard, Keith, Kunzwana Trust (Zimbabwe)
Gourlay, K. A., School of Oriental and African Studies, London (United Kingdom)
Gourlay, K. A.
Gourlay, Ken A., Makerere University, Kampala (Uganda)
Gourlay, Ken A.
Group, Ngoko
Group, Ngqoko
group, vocal
Gumboreshumba, Laina, Rhodes University (Saudi Arabia)
Gunderson, Frank, Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology, Florida State University (United States)
Gunderson, Frank, Florida State University (United States)

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