African Music; Ethnomusicology

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Harding, J.R.
Heka, Super Heka
Heunis, Daniela, Rhodes University (South Africa)
Hirschberg, Walter, Professor of Ethnology at the University of Vienna (Austria)
Hirschland, Heinz (South Africa)
his 'signature tune', Venancio
Hoesing, Peter
Hoesing, Peter, Florida State University (United States)
Holiday, Geoffrey
Holtzman, Glen, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (South Africa)
Hurley-Glowa, Susan, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (United States)
Hyslop, Graham, Department of Education, Music Division, Kenya (Kenya)
Hyslop, Graham H., Jeanes School, Lower Kabete, Kenya (Kenya)
Hyslop, Graham H., Colony Music and Drama Officer, Jeanes School, Lower Kabete, Kenya. (Kenya)

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