Report on the I.L.A.M. Nyasaland recording tour (May 7th to June, 1958)


  • Hugh Tracey International Library of African Music



Music -- Zimbabwe -- Field recordings, Sound recordings in ethnology -- Zimbabwe, South recordings in ethnology -- Southern Rhodesia, Music -- Zimbabwe, International Library of African Music


Our first objective on this tour was to discover what music might still be available in the two Southern districts of Southern Rhodesia, Chibi and Gutu, on our way up to Nyasaland via Fort Victoria and Salisbury. To test the prevalence of local music we went to two of the regions where I had first recorded in 1931, twenty-seven years ago, the one at Chief Takawarasha’s kraal, Chibi, and the other at the Alheit Mission, Gutu. In both places there were several African people who clearly remembered my previous visit and some who possessed my recordings which were made at that time and had been pressed and published by Columbia. Since most of the 1931 artists had already died, they were especially delighted to have their voices still on discs and they expressed their belated understanding of what we were doing for African people through our recordings which, they said, they had not appreciated at the time.




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Tracey, Hugh. 1958. “Report on the I.L.A.M. Nyasaland Recording Tour (May 7th to June, 1958)”. African Music : Journal of the International Library of African Music 2 (1):65-68.

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